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DBS Vickers Securities is a leading securities and derivatives brokerage firm in Singapore with a rich Asian heritage and strong Asian focus.

With our extensive network and market insights, we are able to provide you with in-depth research on local and key global securities markets.

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Join us in our upcoming seminars to explore the opportunities in securities trading.

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Product Spotlight

Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs are open-ended investment funds that are designed to track specific indices of fixed baskets of stocks - domestic and international, broad market and sectoral - and to provide access to a wide range of asset classes, markets and sectors. Like unit trusts, ETFs invest in a portfolio of stocks. However, they are bought and sold on an exchange instead of being transacted through a fund manager and its selected distributors. This allows you as an investor, to buy and sell ETFs at known prices throughout the trading day. Where investors pay front-end and/or back-end charges for unit trusts, brokerage commissions are applicable for the trading of ETFs, as is the case for shares.


Asiamoney Brokers Poll , 2005 - 2012

DBS Vickers, awarded Best Local Brokerage by Asiamoney for the eighth consecutive year.

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