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DBS Vickers Securities is a one-stop investment advisory service provider that offers a wide array of products and services including:
Retail Trading
  Retail Trading

Trade shares on the Singapore Exchange and other regional markets such as Hong Kong, Thailand.
Structured Warrants
  Structured Warrants

Buy the share you want at a fraction of its cost by purchasing a warrant. Like shares, warrants are listed on the Exchange. However, their price movement is linked to movements in the price of the underlying share and may reflect magnified gains or losses..
Margin Trading Account
  Margin Trading Account

Trade with DBS Vickers and apply for a margin financing facility with DBS Bank that offers an attractive interest rate of 0.25% below the Margin Board Rate of DBS Bank. Do check out our latest share financing feature of MTA.
IPO Private Placement
  IPO Private Placement

Privileged reservation and allocation of IPO private placement shares for our clients.
Funds, Unit Trust & Others
  Funds & Others

Medium to long term investment solutions of diversified equity or bond portfolios.
Fix Income Investments
  Fixed Income Investments

Get stable returns and capital preservation with our fixed income instruments.
Our team of dedicated brokers will help you to identify your investment objectives and customise the investment options to develop a balanced and diversified investment portfolio that will best suit your needs.

Speak to your broker or call us at +65 6327 2288 today.


Contact Us
Speak to your broker or call us at +65-6327 2288

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