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Our Energy Desk provides clients an array of OTC products, accurate real-time data and global access to the world's market in Energy Derivatives. Staffed with experienced professionals 24 hours a day, the team is dedicated to delivering superior client srvice and innovative trading solutions in Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Light Sweet Crude Oil, Gas, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs), Iron Ore Swaps, and base-metals forwards. Institutions that utilize energy futures to manage their energy portfolio and diversify their risks can benefit from DBS Vickers's relationships with industry players and our profound understanding of the demand-supply mechanics.

Whether you are a producer, refiner, utility or transporter, we focus on your objectives and help you in implementing your trading and hedging strategies in relation to your price exposure, risk appetite and requirements.

What Others Say About Us

SGX AsiaClear Awards
Top Oil Swaps Inter-Dealer Broker - 2009 - 2011
Top SGX SICOM Rubber Contracts Clearing Member - 2011
Top OTC Clearing Member (3rd Ranking) - 2011
1st Physical Delivery SGX Fuel Oil 380cst Futures- 2010

AsiaMoney Brokers Poll:
Best Local Brokerage 2005 - 2011

FinanceAsia Country Awards:
Best Broker - Singapore 2002 - 2012

Energy Business Awards (Asia):
Silver Award Winner for Energy Broking, Asia - 2009
Gold Award Winner for Energy Broking, Asia - 2008

The Value of DBSV Energy team

  • Bank-backed broking house
  • 100% subsidary of DBS Bank (Largest bank in SE Asia)
  • Clears 25-30% of Global FFA trades
  • Captures close to 90% of FFA market share in Asia
  • Maintain more than 300 Asian clients
  • Sharp bid/offer from more than 300 clients, 8 major banks, and 5 brokers
  • Client's confidentiality in market
  • Ability to broke products closely linked to FFA - Singapore Fuel Oil, Iron Ore Swaps, etc
  • 24 hours dealing desk

Energy Futures

ICE Brent Crude
Gas Oil
Heating Oil
WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil
GBOB Gasoline

For Contract Specifications, please go to ICE's website. top
NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil
Natural Gas
Heating Oil
RBOB Gasoline

For Contract Specifications, please go to NYMEX's website.
NYMEX (Clearport) Energy OTC

For Contract Specifications, please go to NYMEX's website. top
TOCOM Gasoline
Crude Oil

For Contract Specifications, please go to TOCOM's website.top

OTC Clearing Contracts

SGX AsiaClear

Oil Derivatives
Wet Tanker FFA
Dry Bulk FFA

For Contract Specifications, please go to AsiaClear's website.top

Base-Metals Forwards

London Metal Exchange (LME)


For Contract Specifications, please go to LME's website. top

*Product listing is subject to change without notice.

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