Why does DBS Vickers conduct periodic review?

Due to increasing standards on customer due diligence across the financial industry and regulatory requirements, we regularly review our customers' account(s).

As part of our review, we may contact you to seek clarifications regarding your trading activities to review how these transactions are consistent with our knowledge of your profile as well as the source of funds and/or source of wealth (where appropriate) and any update to your account profile.

Why are my DBS Vickers Trading Account(s) suspended?

To safeguard customers' trading accounts, incomplete periodic review will be subjected to suspension of account.

You can request to reinstate your account by reaching out to our Customer Service Line at +65 6327 2288 from Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. excluding public holiday for our officers to assist you.

Please note that your account(s) will remain suspended until we receive the additional information and supporting documentation to re-activate your account(s).

How do I know SMS/Email is from DBS Vickers on the periodic review?

You may receive an SMS from "DBSVONLINE" or email from [email protected]

Upon receipt of the said SMS/email, DBS Vickers will reach out to you within 5 calendar days to conduct the periodic review.

Should customers be uncontactable within the stipulated time frame, their accounts will be subject to suspension to safeguard their accounts.

What if I do not want to proceed with the periodic review?

As it is mandatory for DBS Vickers to conduct customer due diligence in accordance with regulatory requirements, failure to perform the review within the stipulated time frame will result in customers' account being suspended.