Operating System (OS) Requirements FAQ
    Operating System (OS) Requirements FAQ

    What is the minimum OS required for DBS Vickers App?

    The DBS Vickers App will require a minimum mobile operating system (OS) of Apple iOS 11 and Android 9.

    What will happen to the App if I do not upgrade before the mentioned timeline?
    Effective 30 June 2022, devices that have not been updated to the minimum OS required will no longer be able to log in to the DBS Vickers App.
    I'm using an older phone model and I am unable to download the latest OS. Does this mean I can no longer use the App?
    If you are unable to use our App due to an older version of OS, you may continue to access our trading platform via digibank online or DBS Vickers official website.
    Why is the App only supporting iOS 11/Android 9 and above?
    This is to protect our customers from any potential cyber security threats. Older OS tend to have security vulnerabilities that could be exploited easily.
    How do I check the current OS version that I am using?
    You can check your OS version under your phone settings.