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What is eStatement and what are its advantages?
eStatement is an electronic version of your daily and monthly statement. Instead of receiving paper statements, you can enjoy the convenience of viewing your statement online anytime at The advantages include receiving your daily/monthly statement much faster and also the ability to view, print and/or save your eStatement into your personal computer.
How do I opt in for eStatement?
To opt in for eStatement, all you need to do is to log in to your DBS Vickers Online Trading account through
Go to "My Account> eStatements".
Update your email address and all future Statement notifications will be sent to this email address.
What is available in the eStatement?

For the monthly eStatement, you will be able to view all transactions, including Singapore trades.

For the daily eStatement, you will only be able to view foreign contracts. Please note that CDP will continue to send the contract notes for Singapore trades. The inclusion of Singapore contract notes/contra statements as part of the Daily eStatement is scheduled to be implemented in early 2017.

Do I need a password to view my eStatement?
Yes. You need to login to with your password to view your monthly statement.
Will I still receive statements in paper if I sign up for eStatement?
No. Once you have enrolled for the eStatements, you will no longer receive the paper-based statements , and all your trading account statements can only be viewed on Notification of eStatement availability will be sent to your email address.
Can I access eStatement for all of my online trading accounts?
Can I choose to receive eStatement for some of my trading accounts and paper statement for other accounts?
No. Once you have opted in for eStatement, all your trading account statements can only be viewed on
Do I need to pay for this new eStatement service?
No, this service is free of charge.
How do I change / update my email address for receiving notification of eStatement?
To change / update your eStatement email address, log in and go to "My Profile -> Update Personal Details."
How long will it take for the opt-in to take effect?
The opt-in request is immediate and you will receive an email confirmation immediately upon a successful enrolment.
When will I start viewing my eStatement?
You can view the daily eStatement on the next trading day and monthly eStatement for the current month after the 7th of the following month, if there is any transaction.
How long will DBS Vickers keep my eStatement?
We will keep your daily and monthly statement up to 3 months and 6 months respectively.
How do I opt out for eStatement and opt for paper-based statements instead?
You may opt out of eStatements via your DBS Vickers online trading account. Log in to DBS/POSB iBanking to access DBS Vickers. Go to "My Profile > Manage eStatements".
Are eStatements secured?

Yes, access to the E-statements page requires a unique User ID and a Password. To protect your data from being tampered, all information sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session is encrypted using leading encryption technology.

The 128-bit SSL encryption we employ is the world's strongest, used by large-scale online merchants, banks and brokerages worldwide. Any data you send will be scrambled before it is transmitted to our server. To break this encryption algorithm, one would have to test every one of the 200 trillion possible key combinations. The information we send to you online is similarly protected.

Can I print my eStatement?
Yes. If your computer has access to a printer, you may print any E-statement file from the Adobe Acrobat Reader software by selecting the printer icon in the tool bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, choose the "File" menu in the upper-left hand corner of the screen and select "Print" You may print the entire statement or choose to print a specific page.
Can I save my eStatement?
Yes. You can save your eStatement the Adobe Acrobat Reader software by selecting the diskette icon in the tool bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, choose the "File" menu in the upper-left hand corner of the screen and select "Save A Copy" (Ctrl+S).
If I do not receive an email notification, does that mean that my most recent statement is not available?

No. Your most current statement is always available to you, any time you log in to regardless of whether you receive an email notification.

If you do not receive an email notification, it may be because:

  1. Your email address has changed and you have not notified us of your new email address.
  2. You had enrolled for eStatements using an incorrect email address. We will attempt to contact you by mail if we believe you have provided us with an incorrect email address during the enrollment process.
  3. Your email notification was delayed or deleted by one of the servers transmitting Internet communications that are out of our control. Reasons why this may happen include:
  1. User-defined filters to protect against Spam
  2. Mailbox size restrictions common to many free email services (Please check with your e-mail provider if you believe these reasons are preventing our e-mail notification from reaching you.)
What if I can't access my statement online?
Please contact our Customer Service Line at (65) 6327 2288 from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00am for assistance if you are unable to access your eStatement online.
How can I retrieve my past eStatements?

You may write to us at [email protected] to request for the period.

There will be a retrieval fee of SGD10.90 (inclusive of GST) per statement.

e.g. If you request for Monthly statements for January 2020 to March 2020, the total charges will be 3 statements x $10.90 = $32.70