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Our Equity Advisory Team offers clients global access to major markets, including those not available online.

Omni channel

Verbal and online trade order execution. Commissions apply. 

Premium Research and Banking Privileges

Enjoy access to DBS Insights Premium access, Preferential Margin Financial Rates, Rewards and much more 

Active Portfolio Management

Get timely insights on sectors or themes related to your portfolio. Our Equity Advisory team harnesses synergies of DBS Group Research and Chief Investment Office to provide research updates and house views.

Execution-related Advice 

We enter into buy /sell transactions on your behalf, based on your instructions, and provide advice solely incidental to the execution of your transactions. Examples of execution-related advice include, but are not limited to, advice based on technical or fundamental analysis of a particular equity.

Provision of Execution-Related Advice

Our services on execution-related advice are provided to you on the following basis:

  • Any advice we may provide to you is available only for listed excluded investment products (“EIPs”);
  • We may provide such advice directly to you, or through any publication or writing;
  • We do not take into account your personal investment objectives, financial situation and/or particular needs

Determining if Execution-Related Advice is Suitable for You

Execution-related advice is suitable for you if you:

  • do not wish to provide us information on your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs;
  • wish to obtain some trading ideas that are time-sensitive; or
  • do not require customised financial advice;

If you choose to receive execution-related advice, you are also responsible to ensure that the listed EIPs you eventually transact in is suitable for you, and you are comfortable to bear the risks associated with investing in them.

If you need formal advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances, you can request for a financial health check to be conducted for you. In such a case, you should not rely solely on execution-related advice. 

How is Execution-Related Advice Given to You?

When assisting you with your instructions with regard to listed EIPs, you can always request to receive execution-related advice which may provide additional information or analysis on the EIPs.

Our advisor will provide you with the rationale for such advice given, based on information that our advisor reasonably believes to be correct. For example, we may explain that the advice is given to you based on the merits of the products, research report or market performance.

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Our Equity Advisor professionals act as a central point of contact to execute strategies to ensure your needs are fully supported. Our advisors are able to attend to all equities and related queries.

If you’d like a dedicated Advisor assigned to you, please email us at

Please note dedicated Equity Advisory service is subjected to qualifying criteria.

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