Real-time Quotes (HK stocks) FAQ
    Real-time Quotes (HK stocks) FAQ

    How do I subscribe for HK real time snap shot quote?
    All clients are provided with 1,000 real-time snap shot quotes per calendar month by default. This quota may be reduced or increased at the company's absolute discretion taking into account the business given by you.
    What will happen if I used up or have any unused quotes?

    You will not be able to get any more real-time snap shot quotes from your Watchlist, Top 20 and Custom Portfolio until your fresh entitlement of quotes is available at the beginning of the following month.

    There will be no carry over of any unused quotes.

    How do I know my current usage of quotes entitlement?
    Click on “Market Data Entitlement” on the Trade page to view your quote usage.
    How is my quote usage counted?
    Whenever you obtain snap shot quotes from any page on this website, all quotes displayed in that page are counted towards your quota. For example, if you have 20 HK stocks in your watchlist, 20 snap shot quotes will be deducted from total quotes quota per each refresh of the watchlist. Every click on Market Top 20 will count 20 quotes.
    How do I conserve my quotes usage?

    Following are some ways to help you conserve your quotes usage:

    • reduce the number of counters in each watchlist
    • reduce the number of watchlists
    • minimise the frequency of refreshing the watchlists
    • minimise the frequency of refreshing the Top 20 lists
    • get single quote using the smart search bar

    Note: Use of any software program to auto-refresh our web pages containing real-time quotes is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in your account being suspended.