What assurance do I have that the information I have provided to DBS Vickers is kept confidential?
At DBS Vickers, we understand the importance you place on the privacy and security of information about you and your account. When you choose to go online, your account information and personal data can only be accessed on the secure pages. They can be accessed after you log in with valid user ID and password. To protect your interest, data transmitted on these secure pages is encrypted.
What login security features does the DBS Vickers online trading platform have?

You are allowed only 5 unsuccessful login attempts, before your account is disabled. This helps to prevent anyone from trying to guess your password successfully.

If there is no activity for a period of 60 minutes while you are logged into our secure site, you will be automatically logged out.

What steps has DBS Vickers taken to ensure the privacy and security of customers’ information?

DBS Vickers' top priority is to protect the confidentiality and integrity of its customers' information. DBS Vickers has ensured that the appropriate safeguards have been implemented each step of the way.

The safeguards include:

  • encryption - all applications and other communications requesting confidential information (i.e. anything other than your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) must be set up in a "secure environment" on our site, transmitted to us securely through the use of encryption and maintained in a secure format upon receipt by us until distribution to the appropriate business area.
  • firewalls - DBS Vickers has in place an Internet firewall designed to securely separate the Internet from the DBS Vickers Online internal computer systems and databases. Data coming from customer computers via the Internet flows through a series of safety check points on its way to our internal systems so that only authorized messages and transactions enter our computer systems.
  • monitoring - DBS Vickers monitors all internal systems to ensure that there has been no security attack or attempted break-in. We also arrange for regular independent security checks on our computer systems to ensure our high standards are being complied with.
What if I have problem connecting to DBS Vickers online trading platform?
Please call our Customer Service Line at (65) 6327 2288.