Singtel Discounted Shares (SDS) FAQ
    Singtel Discounted Shares (SDS) FAQ

    What is Singtel Discounted Shares (SDS)?

    SDS is part a Special Discounted Shares Scheme which allowed Singaporean CPF members to purchase Singtel shares at a discounted price.

    For more information on the Special Discounted Shares Scheme, you may refer to the link here.

    How can I sell my SDS with DBS Vickers?

    Please contact our Customer Service Line at 6327 2288 to sell your SDS. Please ensure that you have sufficient shares before placing your order. The sales proceed will be credited to your CPF Ordinary Account.

    For more information on SDS, you may refer to the link here.

    How can I view my SDS shareholdings?
    To view your SDS shareholdings, please visit CPF website and access via CPF online services.