What is 'Streaming Quote'?
'Streaming' refers to the ability of a website to dynamically display market data. This feature allows investors to receive continuous updates on the 'Streaming-enabled' pages.
Which pages have been enabled for real-time streaming quotes?

Real-time streaming quotes are available for Singapore stocks. The web pages for your Watchlists and the Market Top 20 lists are enabled for streaming quotes.

Real-time streaming quotes are also available for Hong Kong and US stocks, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. You can access them on the Trade page. Please call our Customer Service Line at (65) 6327 2288 for more information.

Are all fields supported by streaming quotes?

All data fields within the Watchlists and the Market Top 20 lists pages are enabled with the streaming functionality. All data movements are highlighted with yellow flashes.

Most of the data fields on the Trade page are also enabled with the streaming functionality.

How do I activate streaming quotes?

The Trade page has the streaming function built in. When you turn on "Stream Prices" on these pages, the data fields on the page will automatically refresh as updated data is served from the system.

Please note that the availability of streaming data is subject to your market data entitlement. To check your entitlement, click on "Market Data Entitlement" on the Trade page.

Is streaming quote service available all the time?
Streaming quote service on DBS Vickers online trading platform is available during market hours.